Moulin de Millas at the Olive Oil Cooperative

Tradition and Heritage

The history of the oil mill in Millas, created in 1920 and became The Olive Oil Cooperative La Catalane in 1941, is part of a long tradition of olive cultivation whose origins date back to ancient times.
Its facilities, constantly maintained at the forefront of technological advances, allow to develop a high quality product whose prices reflect and medals won in various competitions. Only in Languedoc Roussillon have the Sinolea process the oil mill Millas is able to produce different oils, the most traditional to the most original: what is known in terms of trade, the Flower Olive.

Today the mill is developing its activities around the olive oil and its derivatives in particular through demonstrations, tastings and animations open to all.
The shop of the cooperative allows to visit, discover and enjoy our Catalan olive oils.

They are the result of rigorous selections, and malicious assemblies varieties that give them various flavors. The Ardente, the Fruity, Gentleness, Verdale the Olivière are all names which, bathed in sun, reflect the artisanal side of their transformation. These oils from olives of our department, are presented side by side with the derivatives resulting from our production: cosmetics, olives, tapenades ....

Its small instructive museum, its production workshop open to the public and guided tours that combine local tourism and craft tourism, make a dynamic and informative structure.


Cooperators are the members of the cooperative: they are both capital providers and providers of raw materials it processes and markets.

The cooperative is based on the values ​​of democracy, promotion of men, mutualism and equity. It ensures the transmission of a collective heritage generation to generation, and is a non-relocatable development pole that secures our added value and employment area.

In our company, the human is at the heart of the project. The principle of sharing of goods and services allows everyone to create his own business at lower costs. Which contributes to equal opportunities.


Producers offer buyers to make sense of their purchases. They thus consider their customers as "consum'actors".

They propose to contribute to the development of social economy, located in this region, to share with them the concern of sustainable development, to share these values ​​with producers and with their relatives and friends with whom they will taste these products or to whom they will offer them.

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