Production of olive oil at Domaine Laviaregia,

The choices we have made:

We chose an approach Bio respect for the earth ... and our body, this in a process controlled by the General Council of Roussillon to ensure the credibility of the totally natural look of our products.

Our olive oil selection is grown, collected, produced, pressed and bottled in France.

But it can tasted anywhere you like!

Small trade secrets:

It takes approximately 25 kg of olives to 5 liters of oil. Olive oil Extra virgin to be called must have an acidity level of less than 0.8%.

These are carefully selected and sorted on arrival by removing those that are not perfect. The olives are then crushed for 25 to 40 minutes under large wheels.

The preparation obtained is led to a mixer where it will be "kneaded" to obtain a fluid and homogeneous paste which releases the oil contained in the cells of the olive.

This smooth paste is conveyed to the extractor which replaces the old presses. This phase is intended to separate the liquids / solids.

Liquids are in turn transferred to a centrifuge whose purpose is the separation of water and oil. Without going into technology, we can say that we simply use the liquid density difference, lighter oil (0.916 density) will be collected in the upper part of the centrifuge.

The oil is then transported to stainless steel tanks without filtration, where it decanted by precipitation. It will be protected from light and ideal temperature until it reaches your palate.


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